I’m Done Optimizing

I never thought I would wrote this post. Until I experience a major life change, I’m done optimizing my finances. I’ve stopped worrying about money. I’m done. A friend asked me why I thought I had hit this point and I’m not quite sure why exactly it is.

Is it because I bought my condo and now have no real financial goal to save for other than retirement? (That was my friend’s assumption.)

Is it because my income has basically hit $200,000 per year? Is it because my net income exceeded my expenses by more than $100,000 this year?

Is it because I have not touched my cash reserves in almost two years? (Knocking on wood…)

Is it because on a normal month, I can save $2,500/month after maxing out my 401(k) and HSA? To put that into perspective, that is about or more than what each of the following cost: 1) moving apartments last year, 2) closing on my condo ignoring the down payment, 3) almost the cost of my bedroom furniture set, 4) the cost of my living room furniture set, 5) my patio furniture, 6) my health insurance deductible, 7) my annual insurance costs, 8) my property taxes for the entire year, 9) my car insurance deductible, 10) my homeowner’s insurance deductible, 11) my entire budget ignoring the mortgage but including wants like travel, 12) my two week trip to Japan including flights, 13) the cost of having closet organizers professionally installed in two closets in my condo, 14) two months of mortgage payments, and the list could go on forever. Basically, I can cover many minor extra costs with my extra cash flow each month rather than dipping into savings.

Is it because I have enough available credit to cover over a year’s worth of credit card spending? (Not that I would actually use it, but the fact that it is there is freeing.)

Is it because my bare bones budget is less than a quarter of my monthly gross pay?

Is it because I could live off of my liquid funds for over a year without reducing my budget?

Is it because I am enjoying my life today?

Well, I’m done optimizing. I’m done worrying about my finances. I’m not going to optimize my credit cards, savings accounts, investments, or checking accounts further. Everything is mostly on auto-pilot and it’s awesome. Now all that’s left is to enjoy life with my boyfriend and kick butt at my new job! This is what financial freedom feels like!