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Why I Blog Without a Photo

As a woman in a male-dominated field, I am sometimes noticed for my looks before my brains, probably far, far more often than I notice.

When I started this blog, I contemplated using a male pseudonym instead of a female one, but I’m glad that I did choose a female one.

I am a young, professional woman. I am obsessed with saving money and always have been. In writing this blog without a photo, you, the readers, are seeing me without being able to gauge my physical appearance. You can judge my view on finances objectively.

Why does it matter if I’m attractive or not? Hiding behind the internet, you can’t tell if I’m a 300 pound woman or if I’m petite. You can’t tell exactly how old I am (not that anyone guesses correctly in person anyway), though I do make it clear that I’m in my twenties and a few years out of college. You don’t know what my hair color is, nor my eye color, or how tall or short I am. You don’t know how big my feet or my chest are, or what my ring size is. (Not that I even know what my ring size is.)

What do you see? You see (some of) my spending plans. You see how much I save, how much I invest, and (almost) how much time I spend thinking about and analyzing my finances. You see my income, vaguely. You see my travel spending. But no photo. It shouldn’t matter to you what I look like. That is completely irrelevant to how I manage my finances.

Telling you if I was pregnant or if I had a significant other or if I was planning a wedding, now that would be relevant to how I manage my finances. But I’m not. I’m single and I’m just me, no kids.

It’s pretty nice for once to not worry if people are judging me for how I look. In this blog, I forget about any of those anxieties and just concentrate on the financial anxiety outlook that this is :)

Readers who also blog anonymously, what’s your favorite part? Do you enjoy people not knowing what you look like?




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