December 2015 net worth update (+0.5%)

31-Dec-2014 30-Nov-2015 31-Dec-2015 MoM YTD
cash $12,300 $7,700 $7,200 -$500 -$5,100
savings $47,800 $62,700 $65,600 +$2,900 +$17,800
investments $164,500 $212,200 $212,000 -$200
mortgage $143,000 $134,900 $134,100 +$800
net worth $531,600 $597,700 $600,700 +$3,000
taxable assets – debts $70,600 $46,100 $41,600 +$4,500
$ until FI* $811,300 $826,900 $783,300 -$43,600

*$ to FI=(average monthly spending over the last 12 months – mortgage payment)*12*25 + condo value – net worth

Happy new year, everyone! Here’s to a great 2016!

I managed to sneak in a “small” net worth increase this month. I say “small” because the entirety of my net worth increase can be attributed to getting my tuition reimbursement in 2015 instead of in 2016, which was more than the net worth increase in December. I paid January’s tuition this month and bought a textbook, which took a dent out of my savings accounts. I did surpass my $30,000 in general savings goal, however, which is quite exciting! Ignoring the tuition spending, my savings rate was 86% this month or 40% with the withdrawals. (It’s a bit higher than usual since I transferred the extra money in my checking account to savings.)

I also managed to sneak over $600,000! That’s pretty cool too. And “$ until FI” is finally under $800,000 again! Let’s see if I can keep it there :)

Expenses: I spent $2,807 in December including the mortgage or $1,780 without it. Some of my controllable expenses broke down as follows:

  • $156 Clothing
    • ($164) Athletic wear: returns from November shopping
    • $167 Bottoms: a pair of jeans, two pairs of corduroy pants, and a pair of colored leggings
    • ($89) Dresses: some returns and purchased 4 dresses, of which I hope to keep 1-2 at most, so I should see another credit here in January since they won’t get here until then.
    • $130 Shoes: bought a pair of ankle boots to replace my pair from 2010 that are a bit small
    • $13 Socks: bought a pair of ankle socks to go with the boots
    • $99 Tops: returned a long-sleeved top, bought a sleeveless top that was on sale, bought 5 long/three-quarter sleeved tops.
  • $3 Entertainment/Social [average so far this year: $116, average last year: $211] – Remember the Milk pro for two years ($48), dinner with a friend ($15), and spending some cash towards the facial listed below (-$60)
  • $2 Eating out by myself [average so far this year: $6, average last year: $18] – some gum at the airport, that I should have put on the shared credit card
  • $22 Work lunches [average so far this year: $39, average last year: $147] – I was lazy with some of the short weeks…
  • $376 Presents – finished my Christmas shopping and a couple birthday presents thrown in there for good measure
  • $395 Housing miscellaneous – two thermostats ($50 each), a new dual switch ($10), a timer for the master shower fan, and installation by an electrician
  • $62 Cell phone – $15 to Ting for my last bill and $47 to Cricket
  • $15 Medical – a prescription
  • $20 Eyebrows
  • $33 Toiletries [average so far this year: $48, average last year: $33] – cold medicine and clinical strength deodorant
  • $100 Annual facial
  • $123 Recreation – a new pair of running shoes
  • $82 Transportation: tolls replenishment (x2) and one tank of gas
  • $30 Travel: the food expenses that didn’t make it on the shared credit card

December was my lowest month of non-education spending this year!

Savings: $65,600 (up $2,900)

These funds are spread across a checking account that gets free ATM fees anywhere in the world, my current employer’s health savings account, a health savings account at my credit union, a bit of a buffer in my old credit union checking account, and general and grad school savings accounts at my new credit union (Alliant).

  • My grad school savings account is (as of October) at the amount I need it to be to pay for the rest of my grad school in cash, if necessary.
  • I’m contributing the maximum to my HSA this year.
  • The rest of the savings increase went to my general savings account.
  • Actions: I paid January tuition and bought a textbook out of my grad school savings account. I added about $2,200 more than that cost to my general savings account, which balanced things out.

Investments: $212,000 (down $200 or -0.1%)

This includes my pre-tax 401(k), employer 401(k) matching, my after-tax 401(k), my Roth IRA, and my taxable investments including stock index funds, Series I Savings Bonds, and ESPP cash/shares.

The change here comes from:

  1. Employer matching contributions
  2. A month’s ESPP deposits
  3. Dividends! About $2,000 across all of my accounts

Next month will be great for my investments with frontloading my pre-tax 401(k)!

Mortgage: $134,100 (down $800 or -0.6%)

I’m just letting the regular, automatic payment go for now, until my cash savings is at the level I want and my 401(k) is fully maxed out for the year.

I’m really excited about the balance this month because it’s now lower than my annual base salary! That’s pretty exciting!

TOTAL: $600,700 (up $3,000 or +0.5%)

I ended 2014 with a net worth of $531,600, so I saw a change of +$69,100 or +13.0% in 2015. I set the y-axis on this graph to $650,000 so we could see how my net worth grows towards that throughout the year. Hah! I did not get there and I will discuss why in the 2015 wrap-up post that I will publish in January sometime. I did manage a pretty reasonable increase though! It works out to about $190/day.

December 2015 Net Worth Graph


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    • Thanks, Emily! Each subsequent $100k seems to get easier :) I’m enjoying Cricket so far! I love that the cost is a round number lol and I have a lot more data freedom than before, plus better speeds and reception! Happy new year to you and Kyle!

  1. December was the worst month for me, ironically :) Both the markets and my halved income contributed to the lowest increase all year.. around $3000. Gah.

    At least the ENTIRE year for me looks good though, almost $250K banked (I was $500 off I think).

  2. Hey – an increase is an increase :) I’m in the process of locking down my year as well. I surpassed my net worth goals, but that was with a somewhat flat equities market, so that just means my goals weren’t tough enough. I’ll keep that in mind for 2016.

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