September 2015 net worth update (+0.6%)

31-Dec-2014 31-Aug-2015 30-Sep-2015 MoM YTD
cash $12,300 $9,000 $9,300 +$300 -$3,000
savings $47,800 $48,700 $50,500 +$1,800 +$2,700
investments $164,500 $204,400 $205,200 +$800
mortgage $143,000 $137,100 $136,400 +$700
net worth $531,600 $575,000 $578,600 +$3,600
taxable assets – debts $70,600 $61,600 $57,100 +$4,500
$ until FI $811,300 $805,100 $821,400 +$16,300

August’s net worth ($574.9k) was barely higher than June’s ($574.2k) and I’m not quite back to July’s ($582.1k) yet despite my best efforts. It’s definitely a bit amusing considering that between my employer’s 401(k) matching contributions and my Health Savings Account, after-tax 401(k), and Employee Stock Purchase Program contributions, and my general savings account, over $8,000 was theoretically added to my net worth this month.

I finished maxing out my after-tax 401(k), which means that my income for the rest of the year can bulk up my cash savings accounts back up! My savings rate this month was 67% or 71% if you ignore the grad school textbook money being taken out of savings.

Expenses: I spent $3,998 in September including the mortgage or $2,970 without it. Some of my controllable expenses broke down as follows:

  • $898 Clothing
    • ($84.75) Waiting on returns
    • $305 Athletic wear: upsized my yoga pants and bought two pairs ($78 and $88), two short-sleeved workout tops ($25 each), socks for my hiking boots ($8), and hiking pants ($55 – on sale!)
    • $30 Bottoms: Bought another pair of shorts – now I have two, yay!
    • ($71) Bras: returned the one I fit last month that didn’t work out and exchanged the bras I had bought a few months ago that no longer fit (Nordstrom has such great return/exchange policies!)
    • $21 Dresses: Mostly shipping on buying a dress with a birthday gift card
    • $63 Outerwear: returned the vest I bought in the spring that I realized didn’t fit once I went to wear it and bought another one
    • $320 Tops: end result of my August/September shopping was 10 short-sleeved shirts, six long-sleeved shirts, two three-quarter sleeved cardigans ($50 x 2), and $10 in return shipping. Average per shirt cost for all of those shirts isn’t too bad :)
    • $145 Underwear – rightsizing underwear is amazing, ladies!
  • $108 Entertainment/Social [average so far this year: $122, average last year: $211] – mostly printing photos and buying a photo album to put said photos in
  • $15 Eating out by myself [average so far this year: $7, average last year: $18]
  • $18 Work lunches [average so far this year: $46, average last year: $147] – eating out the first couple days of grad school mostly
  • $294 Housing: window film to test out insulating the windows, a new toilet seat for the guest bathroom toilet, and hiring someone to re-seal some granite
  • $5 Cell phone – new Ting SIM card for my new phone :)
  • ~$200 Medical: a doctor’s visit
  • $20 Eyebrows
  • $235 Toiletries [average so far this year: $67, average last year: $33] – Now that I’ve figured out how to keep my hair healthy, I decided to also start a skincare routine. This includes a moisturizer, toner, mask, and cleanser, plus replenishing my dry shampoo (life changer!) and picking up a moisturizing oil for my hair, which I’ve been trying a sample of for the last month and is amazing.
  • $302 Recreation – a pair of hiking boots and annual fees for sport #1 (smaller this year because grad school!)
  • $191 Purse – I finally found the perfect purse to carry my glasses, Kindle, wallet, phone, and keys with no color transfer from my jeans! So exciting :) This now brings me up to a small summer purse, a clutch, a large-ish crossbody, and a small winter crossbody. I think I’m good on purses.
  • $139 New phone – I returned the phone I bought in September (didn’t work out) and bought an iPhone 6S, unlocked. Total cost to me was $516 after the credit card extended warranty payout from my last phone, plus the case that I bought from Apple ($35+tax). Woo!
  • $56 Furnishings – two throw pillows for the futon in the second bedroom
  • $77 Transportation: tolls replenishment and two tanks of gas

*Note that I’m not counting my grad school costs in this spending report because the point of this is to track my general living expenses. I am still tracking the grad school costs myself, but won’t include them in all of my reports.

Savings: $50,500 (up $1,800)

These funds are spread across a checking account that gets free ATM fees anywhere in the world, my current employer’s health savings account, a health savings account at my credit union, a bit of a buffer in my credit union checking account, and general and grad school savings accounts at Ally.

This got a bit of a boost this month thanks to getting paid again. It’ll be getting most of the attention the next few months.

Investments: $205,200 (up $800 or +0.4%)

This includes my pre-tax 401(k), employer 401(k) matching, my after-tax 401(k), my Roth IRA, and my taxable investments including stock index funds, Series I Savings Bonds, and ESPP cash/shares.

The change here comes from:

  1. My last contribution to the after-tax 401(k)
  2. Employer matching contributions
  3. A month’s ESPP deposits
  4. Some more investment losses around $5,000, though not as much as in August

Mortgage: $136,400 (down $700 or -0.5%)

Some statistics here:

  • 2.5%: the interest rate on my 5/1 ARM
  • January 2018: when the interest rate on my mortgage is set to reset, possibly to 7.5%
  • 27.8%: portion of my regular payment went to interest (originally was 59%; down 0.2 percentage points)
  • 61.8%: amount of equity in my condo, assuming purchase price (up 0.2 percentage points)
  • 52.3%: amount of the mortgage I’ve paid down (up 0.2 percentage points)

I’m just letting the regular, automatic payment go for now, until my cash savings is at the level I want and my 401(k) is fully maxed out for the year. It’s looking like I’ll make my next extra mortgage payment next spring.

TOTAL: $578,600 (up $3,600 or +0.6%)

I ended 2014 with a net worth of $531,600, so I’ve seen a change of +$47,000 or +8.8% so far this year. I’m going to set the y-axis on this graph to $650,000 so we can see how my net worth grows towards that throughout the year.

September 2015 Net Worth Graph


7 thoughts on “September 2015 net worth update (+0.6%)

    • Nordstrom has a great return policy. I assume they don’t sell them again and just cut their losses for the sake of customer service.

    • Since February 2013, I’ve paid off $113,500 (rounded to the nearest $100) of my mortgage balance, which represents about 40% of the balance when I took the mortgage off. I haven’t made any extra payments in 2015, but I made a ton in 2013 and 2014.

      • Wow that’s a serious amount of cash. I’m hoping to throw a ton more at mine soon. Check out my new site and let me know what you think…. You’re doing a great job here. :)

        • Yeah it is! Thanks for reminding me of how far I’ve come with it! I haven’t been making extra payments this year since I’ve been concentrating on other goals. With the mortgage at 2.5%, most other goals are more important.

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