Reader Survey

I know there are tons of you readers who don’t comment out there. I’m curious:

a) how/when you found my blog,

b) what are your favorite types of posts and why, and

c) what keeps you coming back to my blog.

Answer as many of the questions as you want!

Form link if you can’t see it below:

Feel free to email me – if you get this by email or can’t access the form. As I try to restructure my hobbies with grad school starting, I’m trying to figure out what types of posts I should keep writing.


7 thoughts on “Reader Survey

    • Lol! I hope you don’t mind that I do that.

      I’ve been listening to some financial podcasts lately and I really wish I could offer different advice than they do. Someone got a $3,000 raise and called in and asked what to do with it and the person said “Go you for getting the raise – go splurge on a vacation!” And I’m just like……What. The. F.

      Maybe I’ll try putting up an “Ask Me Anything” box and see how that goes. I’m looking for post ideas really ;)

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