May 2015 net worth update (+1.5%)

31-Dec-2014 30-Apr-2015 31-May-2015 MoM YTD
cash $12,300 $6,700 $7,100 +$400 -$5,200
savings $47,800 $59,600 $56,900 -$2,700 +$9,100
investments $164,500 $188,200 $197,900 +$9,700
mortgage $143,000 $140,100 $139,300 +$800
net worth $531,600 $564,400 $572,600 +$8,200
taxable assets – debts $70,600 $52,800 $53,500 -$700
$ until FI $845,000 $815,200 $806,000 -$9,200

This month was again all about the pre-tax 401(k). I have less than $1,000 to go and it’ll be done with the first June paycheck and then I’ll switch to maxing out the after-tax 401(k). My savings rate this month was 74%. My investments are up enough this month that a 4% SWR of them will now cover toiletries in addition to the budget items that it could cover last month.

Expenses: I spent $2,824 in May including the mortgage or $1,796 without it. Some of my controllable expenses broke down as follows:

  • $170 clothing – I bought one skirt that I will return next month, returned ~$70 of the tops I bought last month, and bought one more bra, two pairs of flats, and two pairs of sandals.
  • $36 Entertainment/Social [average so far this year: $163, average last year: $211] – this was all eating out with friends. I didn’t buy any books this month – I went through several library books though!
  • $9 Eating out by myself [average so far this year: $4, average last year: $18]
  • $92 Work lunches [average so far this year: $63, average last year: $147]
  • Birthday presents and Mother’s Day lunch
  • $40 Eyebrows – I budget $20 per 4 weeks and May happened to be the twice month.
  • $77 Hair cut
  • $145 Toiletries [average so far this year: $50, average last year: $33] – stocking up on a two year supply of conditioner and trying out some dry shampoo
  • $0 Fuel [$83 so far this year, $35 at this time last year]
  • $706 Shopping. There was a sale on a really awesome desk chair that I love and with grad school coming up, I decided I should grab it. My plan is to sell/donate the old one that isn’t a very good fit for me. I also replaced two of the light switches with our recent switch to mostly LED everywhere in the condo.
  • Topped up my prepaid tolls account

Savings: $56,900 (down $2,700)

These funds are spread across a checking account that gets free ATM fees anywhere in the world, my new and old health savings account, a savings account at my credit union, and a bit of a buffer in my credit union checking account.

This is down since I didn’t get much of a paycheck in May and used funds from savings to replenish my checking account for June. My new HSA is all up and working now and growing! Near the end of May, I started investigating how to transfer my old HSA to my credit union and that should get going in June.

Investments: $197,900 (up $9,700 or +5.2%)

This includes my Roth and Traditional 401(k), my 401(k) employer matching (fully vested!), my Roth IRA, my taxable investments including stock index funds and Series I Savings Bonds.

The change here comes from:

  1. Good-sized contributions to my new 401(k) – I’ve now contributed ~95% of the pre-tax limit for this year.
  2. Employer matching contributions (almost double what I got at my last job!)
  3. ESPP contributions that are currently sitting in cash
Mortgage: $139,300 (down $800 or -0.6%)

Some statistics here:

  • 2.5%: the interest rate on my 5/1 ARM
  • January 2018: when the interest rate on my mortgage is set to reset, possibly to 7.5%
  • 28.4%: portion of my regular payment went to interest (originally was 59%; down 0.2 percentage points)
  • 61.0%: amount of equity in my condo, assuming purchase price (up 0.2 percentage points)
  • 51.3%: amount of the mortgage I’ve paid down (up 0.3 percentage points)

I’m just letting the regular, automatic payment go for now, until my cash savings is at the level I want and my 401(k) is fully maxed out.

TOTAL: $572,600 (up $8,200 or +1.5%)

I ended 2014 with a net worth of $531,600, so I’ve seen a change of +$41,000 or +7.7% so far this year. I’m going to set the y-axis on this graph to $650,000 so we can see how my net worth grows towards that throughout the year.

May 2015 Net Worth Graph


9 thoughts on “May 2015 net worth update (+1.5%)

  1. You sure do return a lot of the clothes you buy. Do you not like trying things on until you get home or something? =)

    Way to go with almost maxing our your pre-tax 401K so far. I’m impressed!

    • Close – I do most of my clothes/shoes shopping online :) I find it easier to search for what I want and find sizes usually.

      Thanks! My boyfriend thinks I’m a bit crazy to not be getting a paycheck for so many months. I’ve thought about doing this in the past, but with how my previous employer did the matching, it didn’t seem worth it. I’m surprised at how calm I am with no paycheck for so long (six months)! It helps I think that I can still see my net worth growing.

    • It was a Herman Miller, yes. They were having a 15% off sale, which was quite exciting! That saved me a decent chunk.

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