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I haven’t done this for a month, so I think I’ve accumulated a few :) Happy December everyone!

Emily at Evolving PF asked for a gift giving revolution for Christmas. I am absolutely on board with this! I find gift shopping incredibly stressful, as well as gift receiving. How many times have you gotten a present that you absolutely hated from someone and you couldn’t return it?

Joe at Retire By 40 shared his Keep It Simple strategy for credit cards. I am so with him on this one as well! I think that there are some things worth chasing and maybe I’ll change my mind some day, but for now, having one credit card is the easiest. If you’re not going to remember which one to use, having just one is a pretty good idea.

Where’s My Trust Fund? did math on how much to save for college. I may not have kids, but I’m a huge fan of math and I think the numbers she came up with are definitely pretty scary!

White Coat Investor has been doing a Q&A series on Fridays, which I have been quite enjoying. This week he (she?) talked about HSAs and last week, old 401(k)s. His posts have been a nice summary on the topics.

Bridget at Money After Graduation told women to work wherever they want. I’m pretty sure, dear readers, that she is preaching to the choir here. Sheryl Sandberg is definitely one of my favorite speakers. I would highly recommend watching her speak. Here’s an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMVCSrm65kg

Grumpy Rumblings got their mortgage under $100k! (and talked about recasting) Recasting is definitely an interesting concept, particularly if you can’t refinance (e.g. you’ve quit your job, but have cash in the bank).

Emily at Evolving PF did some excellent math comparing 15 and 30 year mortgages. I actually did very little math before deciding whether to pay off the mortgage or not. I just looked at the fact that I was maxing out my retirement accounts and the fact that I could pay off the mortgage entirely in the next five years with the income that I forecasted and started paying extra on the mortgage. Earlier in the year, when I was on track to close on a different condo, I had planned on splitting my monthly discretionary savings half and half between the mortgage and taxable investments, but then I got a large enough raise that bumped me over the full Roth IRA eligibility for the year and my bonuses were much larger than I had originally expected, moving my mortgage payoff calculation from 7 years to 5 years and I’m now estimating it closer to 4 years…

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  1. Thanks! I am also a huge SS fan. I hear she has a book coming out next year and I am really looking forward to it. She did the class day speech at Harvard business school this year that I also thought was great. There was a line that I loved that went something like, ‘if you’re offered a seat on a rocketship don’t ask what seat, just get on’ on reference to finding a job at a great company. Rocketships are more common in Silicon Valley than where I live but I still live the concept.

    • Ooooh I will definitely be reading her book! One of my favorite lines in the speech I linked to was “Date as many Mr. Wrongs as you want (they’re fun), but don’t marry them.” (or something along those lines)

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