Weekend Links

Looks like I did a bit better at starring posts in my Google Reader this week :)

The Finance Buff compared the return of investing in bonds to paying down your mortgage. I thought that this was an intriguing idea, especially considering that I’m aggressively paying down my mortgage.

Where’s My Trust Fund described the purpose of a fund to allow you to leave your job in a hurry. I love this idea! It’s kind of scary that paying off my mortgage in full quickly is dependent on having a high income, but once it’s gone, that will help with this fund since then my six months of expenses saved up are actually worth nine with no mortgage payment.

Million Dollar Journey explained where real financial security comes from. I thought that this was a great complement to the above post! He said that real security comes from having a huge nest egg, not from having no debt. Interesting food for thought and I do mostly agree with him.

Oblivious Investor  talked about the idea of living off interest + dividends each year instead of using the 4% rule. I definitely agree with him and I think long-term, I will look to the 4% rule in practice, but I still like tracking interest + dividends and comparing them to my expenses, just for fun.