Today, I’m thankful…for my employer matching funds in my 401(k)!

One of my favorite times each quarter is looking at my 401(k) statement. It tends to come out a few weeks after the end of the quarter and since every quarter I contribute almost 10% of the balance, it is pretty motivating to see these statements, especially the year-over-year chart of my account balance.

Today’s statement surprised me. You know that part where it shows the quarter/year-to-date’s ending balance and the vested balance? Well, they are now the same. I wasn’t expecting that to happen until the mid-January or mid-April statement, so I was quite pleasantly surprised to see that today!

I am now fully vested in my employer’s match in my 401(k)! I am immediately vested in any further money that they contribute. So that $5,500 in my 401(k) that is my employer match? I will now get to keep that if I leave the company!!!

I am thankful for the employer match. No matter how small it seems each month compared to my contributions, it has now added up to quite a reasonable amount of money.

Another fun tidbit: as of today, I am a small handful of a hundred dollars short of having $40,000 in my 401(k). By the end of this year, I should have one entire year of living expenses in my 401(k) alone. In celebration of this milestone, I opened up my very first 401(k) statement – I had all of five hundred and something dollars in my account back then. I’ve come quite a ways!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope y’all are thankful for your employer matching funds (those of you who have them) since not everyone does.


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        • Some days I wish I had started investing in the stock market when I first opened my retirement accounts (2007-2009) instead of just putting my money in 5 year certificates, but then I realize that back then, I probably would have been way too scared off to stick with it when the stock market crashed and that simply having put away the money is better than nothing.

  1. My partner had a bunch of cavities, found during a dental appointment when she was pregnant, so she couldn’t get them filled at that time (it’s just not worth using anesthetic unless absolutely necessary). So now that Cat is here, we finally got my partner into the dentist again (she was clearly not being cooperative because we could have gone in any time after June) and I also had my checkup. So anyway, she just had her first of THREE appointments just to do fillings (brutal, I know), and the bills (including my checkup) have already amounted to $1300+. After reimbursements, we’ve paid less than $200. Talk about having a reason to be thankful: dental plan. I am so thankful to the workers before me who fought for these kinds of basic entitlements, in spite of really harsh threats/penalties that we no longer need to worry about.

    • Wow that sounds brutal from a physical perspective, let alone the financial. My dental insurance is pretty crappy when it comes to non-preventative care (crazy America), so I’d probably have had to pay far more than $200 for a $1300+ bill.

        • My insurance costs significantly less per year than the cost of two check-ups (which it covers for free), so it makes sense to keep it for that at least.

        • Mine doesn’t! It did two years ago, but now all the non-scary dentists in town are leaving the network, so no longer. I should have dropped it this year but I didn’t realize until it was too late.

        • Wait, your insurance cost isn’t even cheaper than paying for preventative care in cash?! Then why do they expect people to even buy the insurance? That’s just going to drive the premiums up even further, making it make even less sense…

        • I believe it is cheaper *if your dentist takes it*, but they must be offering too low a payment to the dentist because dentists are dropping off it. It isn’t sustainable.

  2. I am so thankful for my employer match. I always factor it in when calculating my true total compensation since not everyone has as good of, or any, match.

    Congrats on the vesting.

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