Vanguard’s Dividend Day: Excitement!

Today, I am super excited because Vanguard posted the dividend amounts for my funds on their website. I”m sure this is the kind of post that you guys expect from me on Friday night now :)

Here are the dividend amounts on my funds:

  • VTIAX (Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund Admiral Shares) – dividend is $0.406/share
  • VGTSX (Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund Investor Shares) – dividend is $0.24/share
  • VFINX (Vanguard 500 Index Fund Investor Shares) – dividend is $0.651/share

The first one is in my taxable account and the other two are in my Roth IRA and 401(k), so the first one is the most exciting. The dividend amount rounds to $185, which puts my Q3 passive income at $255 before any interest on my checking/savings accounts, which is even more exciting because that puts me slightly ahead of pace to have $1,000 in passive income for 2012 overall.

Interest CC Div Dividends Total Expenses P/E
2012 (9/12) $495 $65 $185 $745 $32,800 1.7%
2012 Q1 $185 $55 $0 $240 $14,700 1.6%
2012 Q2 $240 $10 $0 $250 $12,100 2.1%
2012 Q3 $70 none $185 $255 $6,000 1.2%
July $35 none $0 $35 $4,000 0.9%
August $35 none none $35 $2,000 1.8%
September  TBD  TBD  $185  $185  TBD  TBD

Obviously I’ve jumped the gun a tiny bit in updating these tables since the month’s interest hasn’t posted yet, but the dividend was such a larger amount than the interest I expect that I wanted to update them early :D It is really cool watching these numbers slowly get larger. The first couple years out of college, things were growing, but not very quickly, and now things are just growing so quickly that it is really amazing and powerful to watch.

Watching these numbers go up seems like it would be more motivating than paying down the mortgage, so it makes me a bit sad that until I fully pay off the mortgage, I won’t be putting any more money into my taxable investment account. That’s exactly why I am tracking net worth and watching that closely too – that motivates me more to pay down the mortgage than paying down the mortgage does.

Happy weekend everyone!


15 thoughts on “Vanguard’s Dividend Day: Excitement!

  1. I know I spend too much time on 9Gag because when I read the article’s title I thought “ERMAHGERD, DIVIDERNDS!!”

    Your passive income will exceed expenses faster than you can imagine. Why? Unlike most Americans you’ve reversed the “debt spiral”. Instead of getting further and further behind because of interest, you’re getting further and further ahead.

    • What’s 9Gag?

      I’m also staying ahead of my debt ;) My net worth is already growing faster than I can imagine, so I’m sure my passive income will quickly exceed my expenses as well.

  2. I swear I commented earlier but now I’m not sure where it went. Congrats on the dividends. I know I should pay more attention to ours but since everything is reinvested, I don’t really track them.

    • Thanks! Heh, I’ve tracked the interest on my savings accounts since it was only pennies when I was in high school, so I think I’ll keep tracking them even though they’re being reinvested.

    • Woot! I think dividends are more exciting than interest because they’re larger :) I love going back and looking at the history on the S&P 500 index fund in my 401(k) and seeing how the dividends have gone from pennies to hundreds of dollars :D I’m sure you would have a similar pattern on yours.

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