Clothes I Bought: June 2012

I really need to stop this shopping thing that I’ve been doing lately…

Dresses! So this might surprise you, but this is the first black dress I have purchased. I don’t know what I would wear it for – maybe I should start wearing dresses on dates instead of jeans and nice tops? But I’m sure I’ll come up with something! I’m especially excited for the yellow dress – it looked absolutely perfect :) I would love to find a colored belt to go with the black dress to add some spice to it, but I’m having troubles finding one, so perhaps I should look for a necklace instead?

When I showed my mom the brown top, she said it looked exactly like something in my closet. You know, I would really love to find some stripes or something instead of all these flowery tops!

I’m still eyeing those green shoes, now that I’ve broken in the brown ones

Readers, have you bought anything fun lately?


9 thoughts on “Clothes I Bought: June 2012

  1. Ooooh I would say belts with the dresses – both colors! I love adding belts to dresses. I bought some exercise clothes at GAP as well as bras. Nothing too exciting. OH and also wedges and a dress for a wedding I’m attending in July. The dress was cheap and the wedges were ones I wanted…and they were on sale =)

  2. haha… I’ve bought so many nice clothes in Europe I don’t even want to confess them all. So far my favourite is a cream leather jacket and a black lace dress.

    I love that yellow dress! It’s perfect!

  3. I love those green flats! I have been looking for some just like then. Will you say the brand on your blog, or is it secret? :)

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