Confession: I opened a Loft card

So, I did something silly this week.

I opened a store card at Loft.

I swore that this year, I wouldn’t make any requests to the credit card companies, that I would let them come to me, to keep my credit score good for a mortgage. So then why did I open this store card?

I think it was partially to see if I can and because I have been shopping there a fair amount. Also, with the card, I won’t pay for shipping at all and they stock so much more petite sizes online than in store. The last time I tried to apply for a store card, my credit wasn’t good enough.

I was also tired and for some reason, it seemed easier to say yes than no that time…

Oops! I’m annoyed with myself. I would far prefer to get one of my more “useful” credit cards to have a higher limit than get new credit.

Readers, did you do anything silly this week?


14 thoughts on “Confession: I opened a Loft card

    • Oh. That makes sense, I suppose. I use credit cards as cash replacements and haven’t really spent more money because I had a credit card – it never even occurred to me to spend money that wasn’t in my “to spend” account.

  1. I assume this is Ann Taylor? We just blugged how to save 20% at Homedepot all the time, but you can apply the same idea to Loft (Ann Taylor) and save 19% or so, plus any coupons/promo codes.

    There are worse things in life than opening up a credit card….

    • Yup, Loft is their “younger” store. It seems to be the store where I’m finding the most clothes – they carry petite sizes! Banana Republic and Gap sizing is weird on me, but Loft seems to be a much better fit.

      Visibility (driving) that day was so bad that I got off the highway at the wrong exit and then ended up five miles out of my way and had a hard time finding the mall. And then when I finally got out of it, I couldn’t find my car. This is why I like living in the city – I just walk to the stores downtown. So. Much. Easier.

    • Haha, I’ll do my best. I’m busy enough playing sports and hate shopping enough, that I don’t really see it being a huge deal :P

  2. If one of the reasons you got a store credit card is for online purchases, make sure you go through

  3. Ok I didn’t leave my confession earlier. Mine is that I got a speeding ticket, premiums going up and a $150 fine.

  4. I ended up opening that TD account. Yes, just to get the $250 bonus. In all, it’s taken about an hour, maybe an hour 15, of my time. Still need to set up a direct deposit, two quick bill payments, and wait til September 28th to close the account! Seems silly but free money is hard to come by lol

      • Apparently with the account you get an automatic annual rebate on a Visa “Gold” (or some precious metal) card. With the card comes free roadside assistance (akin to one of the better AAA packages). I’m thinking about “upgrading” my Visa, getting the “premium” roadside assist, then cancelling the card before the year ends (long after I’ve closed my chequing account to get the $250 bonus). That’d make the bonus worth more like $350, since good quality roadside assistance is easy to get but pretty costly.

        • That’s not a bad idea! My car actually came with free roadside assistance for the first three years, so no AAA for me for another year and a half :)

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