I’m Moving Again Soon…Somewhere

At this point, I’m sitting pretty financially. If you combine my car and down payment funds, as well as the money sitting in a money market fund earmarked for investments, I have $79,100 saved and that’ll keep going up in the next few months, plus cash reserves of $24,100. I estimate that I’ll put another $6,400 in there in May, $1,800 in June and $10,000 in July.

I have a pretty wide price range and am on the look out for the right place in the right neighborhood.

I have a pretty good grasp of what I want inside of a unit.

But what if I don’t find a place to buy before my current lease is up (mid-July)?

I’m not happy in my current apartment. The floorplan on my old apartment was amazing. Sure, the view sucked in that I wanted to keep the blinds closed at all times and it was a bit noisy at times, but the floorplan mostly made up for that. This current apartment was supposed to be temporary, so the requirement was that I could walk to work and I didn’t have to put any furniture into storage. But then the condo deal fell through and I’ve now been here for three months (!).  Now that things aren’t as crazy busy and I’m spending more time at home, I hate it. Well, as much as you can hate granite countertops in a gorgeous, spacious kitchen, and an incredibly spacious bathroom with an amazing showerhead… It’s a gorgeous apartment, but I hate the floorplan/layout.

So I’ve decided that I am moving in mid-July, whether I find a condo to buy and move in to or I find a new apartment. That means that I’m looking for condos now and then in mid-June, I’ll switch to looking at apartments (while still somewhat looking at condos).

Ugh, I *hate* moving. But I need to be happy in the place I’m living and I’d rather spend a couple hundred bucks more a month if that means I’ll be happier. It’s starting to feel like this condo hunt could take awhile… I did a really good job of picking my first apartment in this city a few years ago. If the condo deal that fell through hadn’t happened, I’d probably still be there, to be honest.

I’m feeling much better about the housing situation after looking for places on PadMapper.com (OMG why did I not know about this place when I was looking before?!). So I’m pretty confident that I will find a more awesome place (to me) to live in July.

I am so not looking forward to updating my addresses everywhere though and packing and moving… But the idea of moving definitely makes me happier, so I’m going to go for it.

Readers, what are your tricks to moving? If you own, did it take you awhile to find the place that you’re in?


10 thoughts on “I’m Moving Again Soon…Somewhere

  1. Ohh, good luck! Moving is exhausting but exciting. I`ve done it far too often in the past few years. I always start by getting rid of stuff I don`t need. It cuts down the stuff that needs to be moved.

    • Yeah… I moved a lot in college, but then I stayed in my first place here for two years. Sigh, I wish I could have just stayed there, though I do like this new area much better. Maybe I could find a new, bigger place in the same building!

  2. Wow padmapper is an awesome site! I wish I knew about that when I was looking for a place to rent. Wonder if they have something similar for buying places…Good luck with finding a place! It can be so stressful but well worth it in the end.

  3. I saw prices hit a floor about 2 months before my condo rental lease was to expire, so I decided to get a mortgage pre-approval and go for it. Looked at about 20 places over a weekend, put an offer in on Sunday, counter-offered on the Monday and signed on the Tuesday. Only 19 days from search to closing. Selling was even easier: listed with the agent on the Thursday, 20+ viewings over the weekend, offers accepted on the Monday and signed the same night. Closing two weeks later.

    And they say my old city is not in a bubble…ha!

    If I may offer some unsolicited advice based on my experience, if you know this won’t be your “forever-home”, consider whether you’d want to hold onto it to rent it out once you move onto greener pastures. If you do, keep in mind those renter-friendly elements you may not need/care for if you were owning it just for you.

    I didn’t, and regret it. If I had, I would have a great asset in my overall portfolio. Good luck with your property hunt and the move, I hope it works out before July!

    • At this point, I would say I’ve looked at at least 10 townhouses and at least 20-30 condos in person. I am pretty confident in what I want the layout to be inside, but I’m having troubles committing to a specific neighborhood within my city. (But not to the city itself.)

      Wow, 19 and 14 days from search/list to closing? That’s insane!

      What renter-friendly elements are you talking about?

  4. it took me easily 6 months and at least 20 properties from the first time I looked until I signed the documents. I ended up with the first complex I looked at, ironically.

    • Well, I started looking in November, though you can’t really count January/February since I was tied up in the bad deal. I think it’s going to take me another 6-12 months to narrow down a specific neighborhood. So many people tell me that sometimes you just know, so maybe I just haven’t found the right place yet.

  5. When I just moved, I had the promise of (impending) free time and I had significant support from family, but I was moving to the country to take a year from work. You have a lot of money and you aren’t committed to spending it. Drop a grand to pay other people to pack and move your stuff, and focus on life/work.

    • My parents were a huge help when I moved in February. They helped me pack up and unpack stuff, which was a HUGE help since I had to move on such short notice. I hired movers to do the heavy lifting. I rented awesome eco boxes that the people drop them off and pick them up. All of that together cost me about $1000. I should be able to save a bit on the eco boxes with the next move since I know what I need and I have more than enough packing paper and bubble wrap still.

      I’m not wiling to pay non-family/friends to help me pack stuff though – a lot of stuff is kind of personal and I want to know where it’s all going and trust that I’m not going to lose anything. Same thing with unpacking.

      I didn’t unpack any of my books/computer stuff in the move. All of my keyboards, mice, and other computer parts are in their boxes, taped up. I knew I was going to move soon and I didn’t want to waste precious packing time on that stuff again.

      You’re right – dropping the grand was *totally* worth it and I will do that going forward, every time. I’m working on this learning to spend thing, slowly :)

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