May Personal finance links round-up

I didn’t star very many posts this week – things have been a bit crazy, but here we go! Hope you guys are having an awesome weekend!

Congratulations to Young and Thrifty on selling her blog – that is such exciting news!

Christa at MomVesting wrote about the common misconception that the stock market is scary. I certainly agree with her that knowledge is power!

Sam at Financial Samurai explained why an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) is more logical than the fixed rate mortgage. I chose a 7/1 ARM for my previous condo deal and will probably end up going with an ARM again when I purchase another place.

Mike at Oblivious Investor answered the question “Is It Safer to Use Multiple Fund Companies?”

Emily at Evolving PF explained how their car targeted savings account works. This sounds so similar to my spending plan system, but she explained it far better than I ever could :)

Kathryn posted a video explaining the #1 thing you forget to ask when buying a condo. I absolutely love her purple wall!!!

Well Heeled Blog talks about “committing (or not committing) to financial independence as a goal”. It is definitely a goal for me and I would love to be FI in ~< 10 years. I think that the math is still a bit fuzzy at this point, but I’m working my way there. [site is gone, so took the link down]

Mochi and Macarons asked if single women are too successful and intelligent to find love.


12 thoughts on “May Personal finance links round-up

  1. Thanks for including my post :)

    I really do think that it’s a problem single women face!

    • Yup… I figure my only hope is to meet someone who works in my industry since I’m out of college. But one of the checkboxes needs to be “Is okay with me making more money” and that answer isn’t always yes. Though apparently it is a turn on for some guys? WOOT!

      • The only thing is to be careful they aren’t parasites in that case who want sugar mommas.

        • Very true! The particular guy who said that makes pretty much the same amount as me, works at the same company (we are at a large company and his office is half a mile away from mine), and I’m pretty sure he has reasonable savings. Otherwise, yes, I would be worried he was just looking for a sugar momma…

      • It’s neither a turn on or a turn off. It is in fact irrelevant in the grand scheme, though I suppose 2 high income earners is some added diversification against a job loss derailing the finances. :)

  2. Thank you for including me Leigh! On your food spending, I’m with you. I have been keeping my lunch spending down too. I have been bringing my lunch to work a lot these days. On sundays I’ll make all sorts of stuff, quinoa, buckwheat noodles and veggies, salad etc. So then during the week I just throw it in tupperware and I’m set. A little bit of work on sundays, but I also feel like I’m eating healthier.
    Thanks again Leigh.

    • Wow – sounds like you eat far healthier than I do at all points in the week! I’m still working on trying to get more fruits and vegetables into my routine than yogurts and orange juice…

    • Hahaha, that’s awesome. I hardly ever eat out on weekends, so going out for lunch is my food indulgence. I used to take myself out for brunch, but I would far rather read or go for a run now, so I don’t do that much anymore. Plus, I just joined a Friday night sports league, so no more Friday happy hours!

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