April food habits, Week 3

At this point, I’m forcing myself to do this. I think the experiment was good for me though. I’ve been a lot happier with my eating habits this month than the last few months. Then again, things have also been calmer. I’m really proud of myself for not spending any money in the “Dining Out” (aka lazy eating out by myself instead of cooking) category this week! And overall this month, that category has been pretty low. I would say that my grocery spending has gone up to reflect that, which is perfectly fine. I think that the dinners out pattern that I’ve seen so far this month is a healthy balance for me and hopefully I can stick with that going forward.

Sunday, April 15th

  • Brunch: out with a friend, cost $16.26 (Entertainment)
  • Ice cream out with a friend, cost $4.87 (Entertainment)
  • Dinner: pasta at home
  • Total day’s cost: $21.13
Monday, April 16th
  • Lunch: out with coworkers. Everyone else ordered drinks and I didn’t and then we split completely. Ugh. I didn’t even have time to try to tip less to cover that because one of my coworkers told me a tip amount and to hurry in writing it. There’s no way my $13 meal should have cost $19.02 with tax and tip. Sigh. It’s always with the one coworker that it’s a problem too – when he doesn’t join us, we split evenly.
  • Dinner: out with some coworkers, cost $24.39. The place had delicious milkshakes! (Entertainment)
  • Total day’s cost: $43.41
Tuesday, April 17th
  • Lunch: soup and a sandwich with a friend, cost: $7.65
  • Picked up some groceries, cost $11.58
  • Dinner: frozen Chinese food from the grocery store and rice made with my rice cooker
  • Total day’s cost: $23.23
Wednesday, April 18th
  • Lunch: out with some coworkers, cost: $19.42
  • Dinner: leftover Chinese food from last night
  • Total day’s cost: $19.42
Thursday, April 19th
  • Lunch: by myself, cost: $6.44
  • Dinner: out with a friend before going to play sports, cost $4.35 (Entertainment)
  • Picked up some groceries, cost $9.08
  • Total day’s cost: $19.87
Friday, April 20th
  • Lunch: with a friend, cost $9.88
  • Happy Hour/Dinner with some coworkers, cost: $23.38 (Entertainment)
  • Total day’s cost: $33.26
Saturday, April 21st
  • Lunch: pancakes and milk
  • Dinner: pasta and milk, at home
  • Total day’s cost: free!
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Total
Entertainment $55.43 $4.37 $73.25 $133.05
Dining Out $19.04 $4.11 $23.15
Groceries $3.00 $85.18 $20.66 $108.84
Lunches $22.09 $37.80 $68.85 $128.74
Overall $99.56 $131.46 $162.76 $393.78

4 thoughts on “April food habits, Week 3

  1. I’ll bet that if you only went to restaurants features on “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” you’d save a lot of money hahah. Averaging $130 a week isn’t frugal, but since it clearly doesn’t interfere with saving and actually probably makes your lifestyle more manageable, I think it’d be silly to heavily modify it.

    • Haha, quite possibly. My primary goal isn’t to save money, but to eat in a way that makes me happier. For example, on Thursdays, I go play sports with some friends and we grab food beforehand. I don’t usually spend very much money on food on those nights, but that’s a social thing.

      I figure that I could probably spend < $200 total on food for the month if I bought groceries to cover everything including lunches. When everyone in your office makes a pretty similar high income to you and your manager knows exactly how much money you make, it's really hard to argue against going out for lunch.

      What I'm trying to do at this point instead is to figure what I do value. Not eating lunch by myself every day is important. Not having to go to the effort of packing lunches is pretty nice too. I might try doing that in the summer since I have some more free time and we will sometimes grab lunch and eat outside, so I still wouldn't have to eat by myself. I do like going out for a really nice dinner once a month and happy hour a couple times a month, plus maybe one night a week out for a "normal" dinner out.

      In February and March, I ate out almost every night. That was acceptable since I was in the middle of chaos. It was better than the alternative of not eating – I spent a few weeks with kitchen stuff packed/traveling. But I have no interest in doing that regularly. Strangely, I simply don't find it fun.

  2. I know what you mean about it being hard to say no to coworkers. There’s really no good food around my current job and while at first, I hated this fact, it’s actually a blessing in disguise. Because of that, I end up bringing my food every day and most of my coworkers do the same. However, when they ask me to go eat with them, I’ll still agree but it’s more for getting to know them better, definitely not for the food.

    I think it’s great you’re tracking your food expenses! This week seems a little high but as long as you’re happier with how you’re eating, that’s all that matters.

    • That’s sort of awesome that there isn’t much around you. I think we have a ton of great choices. Many of my coworkers would disagree with me though :) Last week was definitely a little high. I have a feeling that this week will be lower. I was proud of there being no money spent in the “Dining Out” category though, haha.

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