April food habits, Week 2

There is most definitely a culture in eating out at my office. I realize that this is bad on my wallet somewhat, but I really enjoy it. It’s an easy way to catch up with male friends and it also creates a great team bonding experience. I often work from home once a week and so I think I’m going to limit my not eating out for lunch to that day.

I feel pretty good about this week too, almost to the point that I don’t feel like writing another one of these posts, but I’ll keep doing it for the rest of the month. I’m definitely feeling like some of my spending is shifting from Entertainment/Dining Out to Groceries this month because I’m eating more dinners at home, which is good.

It sure is easier to eat dinners and to feel better about what I’m eating when I have all the time in the world… Hah.

Sunday, April 8th

  • Brunch: pancakes and milk
  • Dinner: mac and cheese!
  • Groceries bought, cost $52.74
  • Total day’s cost: $52.74
Monday, April 9th
  • Lunch: leftover mac and cheese from last night
  • Dinner: granola bar and chocolate? Oops! Still sick, so my appetite is a bit off.
  • Total day’s cost: free!
Tuesday, April 10th
  • Breakfast: oatmeal and orange juice, plus an orange
  • More groceries bought, $32.44 – I picked up some bread, more interesting soup, meat and cheese. (And leftover Easter chocolates :P omg so cute)
  • Lunch: Chunky tomato soup and sourdough garlic loaf! (still home sick)
  • Dinner: Peanut butter granola bar and some hot chocolate
  • Total day’s cost: $32.44
Wednesday, April 11th
  • Breakfast: cereal and orange juice
  • Lunch: burger and milkshake with coworkers (coworker covered for me)
  • Dinner: prosciutto, ham, and my favorite medium cheddar cheese on sourdough garlic bread
  • Total day’s cost: free!
Thursday, April 12th
  • Lunch: French toast with coworkers, cost $28.92 (covered for coworker from yesterday)
  • Dinner: out with a friend before going to play sports, cost $4.37 (Entertainment)
  • Total day’s cost: $33.29
Friday, April 13th
  • Lunch: with a friend, cost $8.88
  • Afternoon snack: frappuccino from Starbucks, cost $4.11 (Dining Out)
  • Dinner: frozen general Tao’s chicken and rice (Groceries)
  • Total day’s cost: $12.99
Saturday, April 14th
  • Lunch: out with friends, cost $20, but paid with cash which is already counted as spent
  • Dinner: leftover food from last night
  • Total day’s cost: sort of free
Week 1 Week 2 Total
Entertainment $55.43 $4.37 $59.80
Dining Out $19.04 $4.11 $23.15
Groceries $3.00 $85.18 $88.18
Lunches $22.09 $37.80 $59.89
Overall $99.56 $131.46 $231.02