Update on the 2012 Clothing Spending Plan: Shoes!

For reference, the shoes plan for 2012 was:

  • I will need to replace my other pair of “bright” colored flats, which I bought in 2010. I’ve worn them quite a bit and I’m not quite ready to part with them, but I should plan for phasing them out. Perhaps I will replace them with a pair of blue flats. I’ve found a particular brand of flats that seems to fit me well, so I’m budgeting $100 for this, but I likely won’t need it all.
  • The leather boots that I bought in the fall of 2010 will probably make it through this fall, but I think I will need to replace them by the fall of 2012. I only spent about $60 on them and I think I should budget for closer to $200 on the replacement pair and perhaps they would last more than two fall seasons.
  • Total estimated cost for the year: $300 or an average of $25 per month

Inspired by Bridget’s Hunter wellies, I bought myself some rain boots. Then sure enough, it hadn’t rained much since then. Oh well. I’m sure it’ll start raining again. I love how colorful they are!

Next up is some new flats. I also want to buy a new pair of short brown leather boots in the fall. Hopefully these will be all of the shoes purchases for the year. I’m going to rely on my hatred of going shoe shopping to help with that… But then endless.com and Zappos make it too easy to buy shoes and way less stressful :(

I’m looking at few different pairs of flats. Speaking of which, I should actually do a run to the Sally Ann before I move again. I have a ton of old clothes and shoes that I cleaned out before packing and while unpacking for February’s move.

These ones come in both brown and black. I’m still not sure what color(s) I want. They’re Naturalizer! So they have to be super comfy! And they have a small heel!

And then there are these similar ones that come in green! And it’s not a bright green either. It’s much more subdued. I especially like them since my current pair of green flats aren’t super comfy.

They come in some other colors too, like red, sand and black, but I like the black ones in the first style better. I’m not a huge fan of crazy bows or buckles or anything on my shoes, but I like the interweaving designs of these two styles.

Right now, I have four pairs of flats: green, black, purple, and grey. The grey ones from last spring are my go-to pair. The purple ones are two few years old and didn’t have very good support to begin with. The green and black ones never broke in well.

So I’m leaning towards buying the green flats and black ones. I prefer the brown ones over the black ones, but a) I don’t want to buy three pairs and b) it would be nicer to have the dressier aspect of the black ones for dresses and such, though I do also have some sandals for that. Hmmmm. Or maybe I’ll order all three and then return the ones that don’t fit. Or maybe I’ll start with one of each of the styles? Online shoe shopping is baaaaad.

So how am I doing with the spending plan? The rain boots were $47.51. Two pairs of the above flats would be about $158 with taxes. So that’s about $205.51, which leaves me with $94.49 for the year and I still want to buy a new pair of brown leather boots.

Weee new shoes! :)

P.S. I’m trying to write more “fun” posts on Fridays! How am I doing so far?


10 thoughts on “Update on the 2012 Clothing Spending Plan: Shoes!

  1. I love the green flats! They’re a different color of green. Rain boots are great – I had a pair that I had to give away because they were a little small.

    • I always get compliments on my purple flats, but alas, they’re super worn down and should be donated soon :(

      Happy weekend, NTF!

    • I have a few pairs, but some of them are worn out and some just aren’t comfortable. The Puma Sneakerinas *looked* cute, but I actually found them to be horribly uncomfortable AND I bought two pairs, boo :( http://www.zappos.com/puma-sneakerina-wns

      I try to make sure that I don’t wear the same pair of shoes two days a row, to help keep them good for longer, but, in the summer, that requires two pairs of flats that aren’t worn out :/

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