Halving My Internet Bill While Moving

G.E. Miller is always talking about how easy it is to get your cable company to lower your bill back to a discounted price. I’ve been lazy since my 6-month promotion expired almost 1.5 years ago now (ouch) and that has cost me about $30/month, for a total of $540.

When I went through the live chat feature of my cable company for the move to my temporary apartment, I also asked if they could offer me the $30/month promotional price on internet. I can’t believe that they pretty much just said yes!

I only pay for basic cable (about $15/month), so they always try to get me with the $130/month package with how much I will “save”, but I can resist that.

I’ve now set myself a reminder to ask for a discount again in 6 months. I can’t believe I haven’t been doing this for the last 1 1/2 years. Sigh, laziness.

I don’t have Netflix because I find that it appeals far too easily to my addictive, compulsive side, whereas it’s easy to just watch one show off of my TiVo.

Readers, do you try to re-negotiate discounts with your cable company? Or do you just not have cable/internet at all?

8 thoughts on “Halving My Internet Bill While Moving

    • Wow, you’re still on wired internet? You don’t need your internet company to fix that – you just need to go out and buy a wireless router and set it up.

  1. We do not have cable and we moved to our city’s wireless system after our other wireless rates went up. At first the city wireless service was horrible, but now it’s great and much cheaper!

    This reminds me, I need to call the NYTimes and see if we can get our Sunday-only service rate reduced. I’ve heard if you call you can get your rate lowered back to the introductory price if you call.

    • Sounds like a good plan! I don’t actually get *any* newspapers delivered. I had one delivered on my Kindle for awhile, but when I stopped reading it very often, I cancelled it. If I start bussing to work again, I might reinstate it.

    • That sucks :( I think asked if there was anything I could do about the internet price since it was getting quite expensive and she offered me faster internet for a cheaper price. I don’t really care about the faster internet, so I’ll try again in 6 months, complaining that it’s expensive again.

      Does your supplier charge you for modem rentals? Mine went from $5 to $7/month, so I finally went out and bought a modem when I moved. That’ll be cheaper than the $7/month fee pretty quickly. Now I just need to take my supplied modem back and ask them to remove the $7 charge.

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