Normalcy in the midst of chaos

February was a pretty crazy month for me. I started the month thinking that I was going to close on my condo, have my appliances delivered, have the carpets cleaned, move in, go on vacation, come back to my condo, make my first mortgage payment and HOA dues payments on March 1st, and prepare to pay property taxes later in the year. I had plans for all of the little things that I wanted to change in the condo, like the towel racks, and the furniture that I wanted to buy, like a day bed for the second bedroom.

Pretty much none of that happened. I didn’t close on the condo. I cancelled the appliances. I did move, but to a new apartment. I did go on vacation, but I didn’t come back to the condo. I may not pay any property taxes this year. Today, I wrote another rent check, but to a different payee than last month’s check. I have plans for the little ways that I can decorate the new apartment and make it feel like home without damaging the walls at all – I do want my security deposit back when I eventually move out.

Throughout all of this chaos, I have been sleeping in my own bed with my sheets and covers, sitting on my living room furniture, and eating off of my plates.

Despite having many months of regular, monthly paychecks for a while now, I still get excited over pay day and delight that my paycheck magically appears in my bank account. This month, that direct deposit, along with my automatic 401(k) contribution, my employer’s matching contribution, and my $250 automatically transferred to each of my vacation and vehicle savings accounts represent some normalcy in the midst of this chaos. In that sense, February was exactly like January.

Multiple of my friends commented that I am incredibly fortunate that my finances very easily absorbed the costs of this adventure. My investments actually gained about $200 less in the last three months than what I lost in this adventure. So between the investment gains and the stocks that vested in January, you really couldn’t tell (overall) that I lost any money.

Without this note, you might just think from looking at Monday’s net worth update that February was a normal month. Now you are armed with some truth.

If we were at a bar, this is the point where we would raise our glasses and I would say “To March! May it be less chaotic than February. Good riddance and so long, February!” and everyone would clink glasses and say “Cheers!”

On that note, I wish you all an amazing weekend and I am sending positive thoughts to each of your months of March.

2 thoughts on “Normalcy in the midst of chaos

  1. Well I hope March is a little less exciting for you. I’m very curious to hear what happened with the condo if you ever feel up to writing about it!

    • Thanks, me too :) I’m reasonably confident that March will be more calm and one of my goals for the month is to relax and go through my normal sports and social routines.

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