Update on the 2012 Clothing Spending Plan: Coats

I set out my clothing spending plan for 2012 back in October. So far, all I’ve bought are two coats. (I’ve been a bit busy between vacationing and moving to go shopping much…)

In December, I bought a new rain jacket. My previous one was boxy-looking since it came from the kids’ section and I bought it in the spring of ’07, so it was about 4.5 years old and ready to be replaced. This one is fitted, has those awesome thumb hooks to keep your hands warmer, and just plain looks better. The color below isn’t of the jacket I bought, but this shows what the jacket looks like:

(No, that isn’t me in the photos :P) I’ve worn the jacket quite a few times, including on a two-hour walk while it was raining. It’s great! The jacket was on sale, so I paid $75 including tax, which isn’t bad.

In January, I bought another coat. I had gone to Nordstrom looking for something else and walked out with a scrunchy anorak from Bebe for $140 with taxes. I can’t find it anywhere online, so I took a picture of it (I apologize for the poor lighting – it is a little brighter than this):

You can scrunch/roll up the sleeves. The hood actually covers my hair and the front pockets are huge and AWESOME! I’m excited!

Now for the numbers/budget part:

The yellow coat was definitely within my $150 coats plan for the year at $140, but the first one wasn’t. I’ve amortized the overage amount over the remaining 11 months in the year (February through December) and I also estimated 3 years to save for a $200 new winter coat, so I have about $25/month being set aside for coats for the rest of the year.

7 thoughts on “Update on the 2012 Clothing Spending Plan: Coats

    • Thanks! :) I found that really vague categories like “Clothing” resulted in very inaccurate guesses/plans of how much money I would spend, but by breaking it down, I have been much more accurate with my estimates AND I stress myself out far less because I know EXACTLY what the amount is supposed to cover.

      More details don’t work for everyone, but it’s worked incredibly well for me.

  1. I am a huge fan on lululemon products. They are expensive but I’ve found they last FOREVER and I’ve worn many items until they have wholes.

    I need a new suit. Such a not-fun wardrobe necessity for me. And they are so expensive!

    Nice work sticking to your budget.

    • Agreed! If you buy Lululemon, you only really need one item per style (shorts, capris, pants), which is awesome. I have a pair of non-Lululemon yoga pants and they stretch out so easily! They’re nowhere near wearing out though, so I don’t want to actually replace them…

      Suits are expensive! I’m so glad that I work in an industry where I don’t need to worry about suits.

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