2011: The Year of the Growing Nest Egg

(So shoot me – 2012 might have the same name!)

Financially, 2011 was an amazing year for me:

  1. Improved my emergency fund to $20,000.
  2. Purchased a condo in the low 300’s with a 20% down payment. (Well, all of the funds are there – but I’m closing in January.)
  3. Paid off the small auto loan that I had taken out in 2010 to boost my credit history (all paid via automatic transfer from savings!).
  4. Maxed out my 401(k) for the first time, but hopefully not the last time!
  5. Maxed out my Roth IRA for the second time.
  6. Significantly improved my investing knowledge and simplified my portfolio.
  7. Opened a taxable investment account, alongside my Roth IRA and 401(k).
  8. Came really close to having a six figure net worth in each of October, November, and December, but shelling out the 3% earnest money deposit steered that away from actually happening.*
  9. Almost brought my total savings back to the pre-car purchase level.
  10. Saw my first six figure gross amount on my W-2!

It’s such a confidence booster to look at the big picture and take the entire year’s financial picture into account, especially after some of the investment losses my portfolio saw this year! It’s even more awesome if you know that I wrote this post in early September and only updated points 2 and 8 before posting this in January.

*Since the wire from my parents came through before the close of the year, I did technically hit the goal, but I’m not counting that.

How was your 2011?


8 thoughts on “2011: The Year of the Growing Nest Egg

  1. Radtastic effort! That is outstanding. I fronted my fiance the cash for his motorbike, so my net worth isn’t as healthy as it should be…

  2. Wow! You did have a fantastic year. Congrats!
    Last year I paid off a little over 40k in debt, first full year of contributions to a 401k, first year of six figure W-2, net worth of just under 70k (which was neg. 13k in Feb of last year!) first year of investing. I would say it was a major year of restructuring for The Stoic! Pardon me while I do my happy dance :-)

    • Thanks! We review the previous year at work, so I thought I should do that with my finances as well.

      Wow – an almost 83k net worth increase is amazing! Congrats! Good luck with continuing that upwards trend this year :)

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