October update, part 2

I spoke too soon yesterday. I’ve run the final numbers now and my net worth as of October 31st is $99,965.11.

Part of me wants to count this as meeting the $100,000 goal since I have about $73 in cash in my wallet. I took out $60 from an ATM on Friday, thinking I would need it over the weekend, but I didn’t end up needing it and now I didn’t hit my goal of $100,000 in the bank because of that. I don’t track physical cash in my assets because it’s really hard to keep track of its disappearing acts sometimes – so once it’s out of the ATM, I consider it spent as “Entertainment – ATM Withdrawals”.

I am a tiny bit bummed because I didn’t hit the goal, but the only reason the goal was even possible this month is because my investments rebounded so much in October, so I don’t think that this is completely my fault, nor can you really say that the only reason I didn’t hit my goal this month was because I took an unnecessary $60 out of the ATM on Friday.

Something I have always been good at is enjoying watching the little things increase. For example, the dividends on the bond fund in my 401(k) have been going up slowly each month since June: $6.57, $8.29, $8.49, $8.70, $9.65. Maybe November’s dividends for the fund will surpass $10!


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