October update

Net worth/investments

I was prepared for the market to not do so well in October again, but around the middle of the month, I noticed that my investments were actually starting to rebound and that I could very well hit my net worth goal of $100,000 for the year in October.

I did some rough numbers this morning after my paycheck posted and my net worth was at $100,800. So unless my investments lost over $800 today, then I’m good.

I just checked my Vanguard account and if I take the following formula and plug the numbers in, the number is $99,871.

Net worth as of September 30th + Change in value of investments + Net income for the month – Expenses

So I think I’m pretty darn close to the $100,000 net worth goal, if not over it. I’ll do the final numbers later in the week when the dividends from my 401(k) post.

Savings/Emergency reserves

After talking to my mom, I decided that I should only keep six months expenses or $18,000 in emergency reserves. Anything beyond that is a bit crazy. I transferred the extra funds to my down payment savings fund. With that amount and the savings from my paycheck, the down payment savings fund is now at $24,300. I should definitely be able to hit the the $27,000 goal by the end of the year.


Looking at my spending for the month, the only two categories that were pretty big are recreation and shoes. I’m having a really hard time budgeting for recreation since I’m trying new things, my tastes are changing, and I’m a lot more active than I was last year. October was actually pretty much exactly an average month for spending!