Transportation budget update

I finally took my car in for its one-year check-up! That was quite exciting, especially when I found out that the first service is free (if you take it back to the dealership where you bought it, which I did).

I’ve definitely been over-budgeting for car maintenance. There is currently about $200 in that category.

My car maintenance plan for 2012 is:

  • $50 for oil change and service in April
  • $50 for oil change and service in October

That combined with the $200 means that I have about $100 extra in the category to get through 2012, so I will remove the extra $100 with my adjustments for November’s budget.

My boyfriend put gas in my car last month, so I didn’t need to and I will most likely have some leftover funds in my gas budget at the end of the month since I don’t see myself buying two tanks of gas in October.

So it looks like I can remove about $150 from my transportation budget for November and push that over to savings! :)