September update

After my terrible net worth growth in August, I was prepared for September to also be bad. (but hoping for the best!) I ran preliminary numbers on Friday for September’s month-end and the increase was the same as last month (about $1,200 lower than my average).

I’m becoming hesitant about meeting my net worth goal for the year. I won’t meet it if the remaining months of 2011 are as bad as August and September have been in the market. If I stop losing money in the markets, then I will meet it in December. If the markets go up again, I could meet it in November. At the beginning of the year, this seemed like such a for-sure goal, but now I’ve lost almost 2 months worth of average net worth increases in the stock market over the last few months. I’m going to stick it out in the markets, but this is making me re-think setting a net worth goal for next year since I have no control over what happens in the markets.

For my down payment savings goal, I was able to pull together more funds than last month for that since there were some extras sitting in my checking account. My current projections estimate that I will have $25,500 at the year’s end, so I will come close to the original goal of $27,000. In September, between 401(k) contributions, vacations, and down payment savings, I saved 63% of my net pay!

I got the explanation of benefits from my last dentist visit. They undercharged me on my co-pay, so now I guess I wait for a bill to come in the mail to pay them more money? I have a prescription order to make in a couple of weeks, so I’ll probably wait to request reimbursement of the FSA funds at that point since that’s a much larger amount.

I have a good start on my Christmas shopping for the year. I already have my boyfriend’s present and my mom’s. My dad is notoriously difficult to shop for, as is my sister, so I guess I should work on them in October so that I’m not stressed out come December. I have $250 left in my presents budget for the year to spend on the two of them.

My insurance company sent me a renewal notice for my renter’s insurance and the policy didn’t go up by much (about $0.68 for the year, which is a strange number!), but I still haven’t seen renewal paperwork for the auto insurance. I’m hoping that one will go down since I have more credit history now, but I guess we’ll see. Speaking of cars, I had to renew the tabs for my car, which cost about $120. I was surprised it cost that much! I’m taking my car in for its one-year check-up next month and I have no idea how much that will cost. Hopefully no more than $200.

In terms of spending, September was actually a below-average month, despite paying for the vehicle tabs renewal and some yearly dues. I’ve been buying Christmas presents earlier this year (I bought my boyfriend’s in August!), so I don’t think that December will be my most expensive month like it was last year.


2 thoughts on “September update

  1. I was hesitant about my net worth this month too! I thought I would be in the negatives for sure, not sure how I pulled out positive again.

    Sounds like you’re doing great!

    I think my goal was to reach 150K by the end of this year but I think that was grandiose and premature of me haha.

    • Thanks Young! I am doing great – I’m almost starting to feel like my finances are getting boring, haha. Other than the markets, things have been going swimmingly according to my goals :S I haven’t had to touch my emergency fund in about a year and a half now! /knock on wood

      You probably could have hit 150K if you hadn’t gone back to school and the markets hadn’t taken a downturn! :)

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