Indecisive in Checking Accounts

I am indecisive. There, I said it. Now I’ll say it again, for good measure. I am indecisive.

I have had checking accounts with 4 banks/credit unions since moving to this state 3 years ago. 3 of those were opened in the last year.

It’s easy to say “Make the right decision the first time.” The first bank I opened a checking account with was perfect at the time. They had a branch in the next office building over from mine. The staff there were super friendly and helpful.

A few months later, I moved offices. That bank was no longer quite as convenient as it was before, but it wasn’t a bad option. Why did I really need to go into a branch anyway? I have my debit card. I have my checks. And I have my cherished online banking. (Whatever did we do before they invented online banking? I certainly don’t know.)

About a year after the first office move, I was preparing to move offices again. By this time, that “perfect” bank was getting annoying. They were charging me fees if I didn’t keep a minimum balance in my account, have an automated transfer to a savings account with them, etc. I didn’t feel like I had control over my money. I mean, who would keep tens of thousands of dollars in a CHECKING account when there is such a thing as online savings accounts that earn you more interest?

I tried using ING’s Electric Orange checking account for most of my checking needs, but I like checks. Call me old-fashioned, but I like checks. I also like having a real person as a face on my financial institution. I only lasted about 2 months with ING as my primary checking account. In this time, my other bank had started charging me monthly fees for somewhat undisclosed reasons.

I quit my bank. Boy, did that feel good! I went into a branch where no one knew me and closed out my accounts. It felt so good to do the final withdrawal and deposit my funds into a brand new account at a credit union down the street. (If you’re still with me, that credit union down the street was financial institution #3.)

The one problem with that credit union down the street is its location. It is absolutely nowhere near my office or my apartment. With the CO-OP network, that really wasn’t a big deal at first. I just used the ATM of the credit union right next to my office.

As of the beginning of April, I switched my primary checking account to that credit union right next to my office. The online banking is way better than my other credit union, but mostly, it’s just far more convenient when something goes wrong.

I have nothing against my other credit union. I mean, they gave me a credit card that I still use today. I’m not going to quit them like I did my bank. They’re just an old friend who I don’t need to see all that often.

Here’s to hoping that my relationship with my now-primary credit union will last for many years to come! And if not, I hope that we can part as friends.