Online couponing:

I really don’t like outlet malls. People go there, thinking they’re getting huge deals, and then completely blow their budgets. I prefer deals or coupons for stuff that I would have bought anyway.

A recent example of coupons for stuff that I would have bought anyway: On Tuesday, as I was about to pay for some make-up remover and a new mascara, I remembered about I checked it out and sure enough, there was a coupon code for free ground shipping within the US for the site in question. That saved me $4.95.

Today, I was buying a new swimsuit and decided to check for a coupon code before putting in my credit card. Guess what I found? A code for 20% off my entire purchase. That was $21.60 that I would have otherwise spent, which made my new swimsuit cheaper! I currently have two swimsuits, which are both over 4 years old now, covered in sunscreen stains, and wearing thin in the butt, so I decided that it was time to purchase a new swimsuit.

2 thoughts on “Online couponing:

  1. Nice. It’s tax-free weekend here in Texas so most clothing item under $100 is tax free. I usually take advantage of back-to-school sales + tax-free weekend to stock up on my undergarments.

    I just got back from grabbing a year’s worth of undershirts/underpants/socks that I know would have been around $40 any other time of the year for $27.

    While everyone else is fighting for other items, I just walk to the back of the store, grabbed my bundles of bulk undergarments and checked out in under 10 mins.

    • Wow, that’s awesome, Tvo! I’m sure the tax-free weekend is to encourage more spending and some people might even spend more than they otherwise would, but I’m glad that you took advantage of that and stocked up on items that you would have purchased anyway!

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