July update

My net worth growth for July was huge, thanks to a bonus. My income is structured such that I have a good monthly salary and get bonuses throughout the year. The months where I see bonuses are a huge boost to my net worth and savings. I love seeing the higher slope on my net worth graph those months! I am so close to my net worth goal for the year now that I can almost taste it!! I think I will hit my goal in November – or maybe October if the market does well and December if the market fares really poorly. I’m anticipating year-over-year (2011 versus 2010) growth of 93% this year. Last year was 69% and would have been over 100% if I hadn’t bought the car.

Thanks to my bonus, I have met my car replacement goal of $3,000 for the year and have moved onto my down payment goal. That goal was a bit loftier, so we’ll see how it pans out.

With my birthday this summer, I have adjusted my ideal asset allocation. This won’t affect any of my investments until I set out my investment goals for the year in early January, but here it is:

  • 52% US stocks, split 80/20 into 42% 500 Index and 10% Extended Market Index – my 401(k) doesn’t offer a Total Stock Market Index, so I’ve chosen to match it this way.
  • 35% International stocks
  • 13% Fixed income

My plan is to drop my exposure to US Stocks by one percentage point each year until I am 50/50 with International Stocks, with that extra percentage point going towards Fixed income. Right now, International stocks represent 40% of my Stocks allocation.

I’ve been having some budgeting problems with overspending on clothing lately. I was running a bit low on short-sleeved shirts and athletic wear. Hopefully that has been sorted out with my spending in July and August and won’t continue for the rest of the year. I’ve found in the past that the best way to reduce my clothing spending is to keep me away from stores/online shopping.


3 thoughts on “July update

  1. Excellent month! I have no target asset allocation per se. I just know what account has what and the reason behind it. My Roth IRA is one fund and it’s a Vanguard target date fund. That way I don’t do anything stupid with it. My 401k it’s just 40/60 Vanguard total stock index fund and Vanguard total international stock index fund. That way it is matched to the allocation of the markets in the world. I bought/own 2 acres of land in Central Texas for my eventual retirement (I just turned 25) so I have land appreciation. Lastly, I have a taxable account with Vanguard just for dabbling in some things here and there (ETFs, etc.). I do not own any bonds. I know that I am risking no balancing my portfolio with bonds, but I have decided that while I am in my 20s, I will have my money either liquid (emergency fund) or in equities.

    • Thanks, Tvo! Given my large emergency fund and the fact that I have some retirement savings in the equivalent of CDs in another country where I can’t touch them right now, I probably don’t need any bonds in my US portfolio either. Those CDs currently represent 25% of my “investments”, which is probably a bit high, but that will eventually be dwarfed out by my US portfolio since I’m not adding to those CDs.

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