When I entered my receipts into my software on Friday or Saturday, I noticed that I was pretty close to the max on my dining out line, which is not normal. I define dining out as eating by myself, whether that’s for brunch or dinner. I also noticed that I had used less than half my budgeted entertainment amount, maybe even less than a quarter of it.

I’ve been eating out for dinner the last few nights. I’ve been working late and it’s just easier to get back to the office if I ate out than to go home and try to get some work done while I make dinner.

One of my philosophies on eating out is that it’s better to eat out than to not eat at all (yes, that happens when you’re single and you live by yourself). I think in this case, it’s okay because otherwise I wouldn’t have eaten dinner and I’ll probably only exceed the budgeted amount by $20-30, which there is definitely room for in the entertainment amount.