Update on reducing financial anxiety

I think I am off to an okay start. This week:

  • I checked my checking account once – to see if the rent check had gone through. I haven’t written a check for rent in awhile (I was using the auto withdrawal authorization), so I wanted to make sure. I’ll probably believe it goes through next month.
  • I checked my Vanguard account on Wednesday to see if the IRA recharacterization had gone through and it hadn’t, so I checked again on Thursday. On Thursday, it showed as pending, so I set a reminder to convert it back to a Roth on Friday. On Friday, I logged in, converted the IRA and logged out. Today, I checked that the conversion went through and now I will hopefully leave it alone until June 2nd.
  • I logged into a visa account to pay it, a few days after I knew the statement had processed.
  • I just logged into my credit card accounts to see which one I should use for the next few days since it’s getting close to the bill dates and a pair of shoes was credited back to my account almost equal to the dollar amount that I normally spend on the card.
  • I logged into my stock grants account to see if the new grant was there yet and it was. I normally only log into that account when I get an email about a statement.
Next week the goal is to:
  • not log into my Vanguard account
  • not log into any of my credit card accounts
  • not log into my checking account
The following week, I will allow myself to:
  • log into my two credit card accounts that have a statement closing date so I can check the balance
  • and my checking account to pay the credit card accounts