Goals for 2011

Save as much as possible:

1. Max out my Roth IRA – done in early April.

2. Max out my Roth 401(k).

3. Bump my emergency fund up by $4,000.

4. Save $3,000 towards a car replacement in 10 years.

5. Save $20,000 towards a down payment on a house.

Have excellent credit:

6. Have a credit limit of $1,000 on my Amazon.com Rewards Visa card.

7. Raise the limit on my primary card.

Reduce financial anxiety:

8. Have only one checking account that I actually use – done in early April.

9. Don’t check my bank accounts daily. (I’ve never overdrawn, so this is a safe goal.)

10. In May, only enter my receipts into my spreadsheet twice – once on the 15th and once on the 1st of June.

11. Only check my Vanguard account on the 2nd business day of the month (when the previous month’s dividends post in my 401(k) account).

12. Make no more trades until January (except to convert the traditional IRA back to a Roth IRA).

And one final, golden goal:

Achieve a net worth of $100,000.

I would say that all of these goals are attainable, but the ones to reduce financial anxiety will likely be the most difficult.


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